The perfect location for a data center!

An unique powerhouse in the middle of Norway.

Environmentally sustainable.

Has the greenest data center you will find!


  • The electricity available in Tydal is for 100%  provided by hydro-power. Which of course means “clean and green”, but also a world class competitive energy cost.

  • We offer a state of art power and communication redundancy. Our locations provide the best possible solutions for air- and water cooling with minimal use of energy.

  • We are committed to environmental sustainability.

  • We provide the lowest electricity price of Europe.

  • Dual Feed Redundancy. Possible to build a data center without the need of a diesel back-up.

  • In Tydal your company will be able to pride itself of having the greenest data center in Europe.

  • Greenfield: The available land is ideal for operating a data center.  It is a low cost area. 25 acres (100mål) are regulated for a data center. Excellent possibilities to expand.

Sustainability is a core value of Norway

Gro Harlem Brundtland,
former Prime Minister of Norway;

–commissioned ‘Our Common Future’, for the United Nations
–created prevalent definition of sustainability

  • 95% of Norway’s electricity production is from hydropower
  • Largest hydropower producer in Europe
  • 6th largest hydro in world
  • No nuclear power
  • Only 3% transmission losses for power used in Norway, versus 20% for power transmitted to continental Europe

Jens Stoltenberg,
former Prime Minister of Norway;

–is former Executive Director of United Nations Environment Program

–in October 2011 he launched an “international energy and climate partnership1” in support of “UN sustainability initiative2”

Green data centers are gaining momentum with concerns around global warming and increased CO2 emissions

– Why not choose the greenest there is…
Our locations in Tydal provide the answer.


We are ready to set up a team for your company to help you with all aspects of planning a data center.

We can help you with:

Data center experts
Legal experts
Construction experts

You’ll have:

Political backing




Geological stable and inviting topography

Insignificant seismic hazard

Topography allows nature harmonic constructions

Norwegian power production is the most renewable in Europe

World Class energy production energy system

World leader in energy access
and supply security

What Tydal has to offer: The facts.


  • At site 100 MW expandable to 200 MW +
  • Both our sites are situated 500m from two of the most resilient network stations in Norway.
  • Both Sub-station “NEA power plant” and “Gresslifossen power plant” are situated 500m from our two possible sites.
  • These two power plants within such a short distance proivides an unique power redundancy by providing an unique dual feed to your data center without any loss of energy.
  • Our industrial grid is built for 24/7/365 use.


  • Dark fiber: We offer multiple fiber networks or DWDM from 4-5 different operators.
  • Close to Swedish border with several connections to major points, and with connections to the EU through Norway and Sweden

Planning and permissions

  • The area is regulated for industry and ready for construction. Flat area – clear for building.
  • Water on-site.
  • The local government is very positive and supportive.

Site Access (infrastructure)

  • Tydal Offers a great score of personal facilities.
  • Airport Værnes International airport at 75 min, with direct flights to Amsterdam, London, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Barcelona, Nice.  Røros airport (75 min.) has two daily connections to Oslo.
  • University 90 min. to NTNU, the leading technical university in Scandinavia with 39.000 students, offering a state of the art international education within Computer Science, Security and Construction. NTNU rated by QS World University Rankings as one of the leading Universities in Europe.
  • R&D 90 min to Sintef and NTNU. Sintef is Europe´s second largest R&D institution with 2000 employees from 75 different nationalities.
  • Harbor: 60 min to Stjørdal.
  • Major construction-, security- and IT-companies are located in the area
  • GPS coordinates to our sites Lattitude: 63.032947 Longitude: 11.686650

Water and cooling options


Tydal has a dry and cool climate. Average temperature last 5 years +3.0 °C

Possible hazards

– Earthquakes: No risk

– Floods: Very low risk

– Crime: Extremely low risk

– Wood fires: Extremely low risk

Norway among top in the world in transparency and stability


Lattitude: 63.032947
Longitude: 11.686650

Contact us

Heidi Horndalen

Tydal Kommune

Tydalsvegen 125
7590 Tydal